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TruckerAP is now the solution to the future for Truckers that want to conduct business via the internet and cellular connections. Truckers can now utilize their Cell Phones to find Freight Loads, Hauling Jobs, Temp Work, and Purchase Trucks & Trailer while securing Financing with just one touch of their Cell Phones. On TruckerAp, Over the Road Truckers and Fleet Companies can now reach out to Shippers, Finance Companies, and Dealerships for products and services with immediate responds

Truckers can also advertise on the website, search for future loads and receive e-mail and or Text Message notifications when new loads are posted. TruckerAP can help Truckers find Factoring Companies, Logistic Companies, Direct Shippers, Brokers, and Insurance Companies via their Smart Phone. This will dramatically reduce the time a Trucker has to spend browsing the internet, calling clients and searching for Loads.

With a membership on TruckerAP, Direct Shippers, Factoring Companies, Logistic Companies, Finance Companies and Dealerships will also have the online tools and advantage, when they want to Target Truckers, to solicit new business, post jobs and advertise new products and services, directly to over 1.6 million Truckers via their Smart Phones, Nationwide and in Canada.