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How 855TextAds Compares To Conventional Marketing

When marketing your company or product, there are three key factors to consider:

Cost (consisting of monthly recurring costs, overage costs and start up costs)
Ease of use (control panel and access)
Assistance (support)

Cost is the most important factor because you want the best return on investment (ROI) possible.

Ease of use is pretty self explanatory! A couple questions to ask yourself when looking at this key factor would be; How long does it take to set- up and send a message? Is the control panel easy to access?

Assistance or Support any company they provides direct marketing to your clients should offer email support for less time sensitive needs as well as a toll free support number for the "right now" needs


855TextAds can help your company: achieve its full marketing potential, by saving time and most importantly saving money.

Knock Out The Competition


According to CTIA:

-93 percent of the US population has a cell phone*

-173.2 billion text messages are sent monthly*

-Over 97 percent* of those messages are read

-Over 83 percent* are read within an hour.

-Text message advertising has a response rate of over 30 percent**, that's nearly 6 times more than direct mail, paper ads and email, at fractions of the costs.


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